"Play is the highest form of research."
                                             -Albert Einstein
Our Program

At Saxapahaw Village Kids we recognize that every child has unique skills, talents, and interests. We also recognize that children are innately curious about the world around them and they are capable of tremendous learning and amazing creativity.  There are three critical components that we utilize as we strive to meet our goals.

The first is outdoor play.  We have a wide variety of natural materials available to the children inside the classrooms and actively play and explore outside as much as weather allows.  We regularly take nature walks that extend in the surrounding area and plant and tend a vegetable garden each year!

The second key component centers on the idea of community.  We recognize the fact that the well-being of children is the collective responsibility of the entire community.  We embrace the gifts that Saxapahaw has to offer by visiting local farms, businesses, and artists as well as inviting community members to visit and share stories with our classes.  We also ackowldege parents as crucial partners and as the first and most important teachers to their children.  We actively encourage parents to volunteer and participate in school events.

The third component is the use of interactive and creative teaching methods where children learn basic skills through contextual learning, team building, and utilizing the "hundred languages of children".  Our teachers follow a child-led curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning.

Co-curricular Activities

Students in the Upper classroom have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular opportunities made possible through collaborative partnerships within our community.  Relationship building is an integral part of our program and we are honored to work with these organizations.

Movement Monday:  Yoga and mindfulness practices with Growga provides essential tools to support physical development as well as social/emotional development.

Wildlife Wednesdays:  Interactive experiences with exotic animals as we learn about conservation and preservation with Wild Tails LLC.

Farm Fridays:  Each Friday morning in the fall and spring the students in our older classroom are transported to Sprout Farm for a morning of hands on activities with the farm animals and in the learning garden.

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