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Reviews from our Families

"Our son has flourished at SVK, and we have been so grateful for the year he was able to attend. We were worried that the disruptions of the pandemic would be difficult to work through, but our son's experience at SVK has cultivated his empathy, ability to socialize, curiosity, and confidence to explore, ask questions, and examine his thoughts and feelings. The teachers are kind and communicative, and we love getting updates and photos throughout the day through the private parents' app. The "extras" were also especially exciting - there were many opportunities to explore nature trails, learn about animals, cooking, yoga, holidays, other cultures' traditions, and to connect with other students' families. We loved the emphasis on sustainability, using recycled materials and open ended play, and the encouragement to explore and ask questions that SVK promotes. Overall we felt that it was much more than "daycare" - his experience was an intentional and compassionate year long journey, and he's developed close friends and community. "


"We feel so lucky to have our girls attend SVK.  It is such an intellectually and emotionally nurturing environment.  It's a delight to watch their vocabulary, interests, and social skills expand.  I love getting photo's of what the girls are learning and doing (which are sent to us daily from the school's brightwheel app).  They find such creative ways to engage the kids, sensory bins, art, dressup, plenty of outdoor time, reading, even toddler yoga!  We somehow got lucky enough to live very close to SVK, but I would take on a commute to keep bringing the girls to this wonderful school."

-Laura S.

"My children have been with Saxapahaw Village Kids for over three years now. I commute 25 minutes there and back because this is the school that we want to be part of. The teachers and staff genuinely know and care for my children, and they care for them well. We first found SVK because of the wide window of available hours which worked well with our work schedules, but we discovered a school with a curriculum that has helped my children grow and expand socially, academically, creatively, physically, and emotionally. I truly trust the people at SVK like members of my own family; I know they have my child's best interest in their hearts and minds, and we could not be luckier to have found them."

                         -Rae M.

"SVK has been a wonderful place for our family! My sons have learned so much from SVK's caring and creative staff and developed many friendships."

-Hannah G.

"There is so much I appreciate about Saxapahaw Village Kids, but the school’s focus on building community is probably my favorite thing. Through family work days, parent’s dinners, and organized community service opportunities, the school has provided opportunities for connecting with the people who touch my child’s life every day, outside of a classroom setting. I am so grateful for the relationship I have with my child’s teachers and classmates, fostered by SVK’s intentional community-focused programming. The rich sense of community at SVK is so invaluable to our family, we can’t imagine having our child anywhere else!!!"

                        -Andie R.

“I truly can’t say enough positive things about SVK! The care, curriculum, and teachers all make SVK a wonderful experience for parents and children alike! In just the three months my daughter has attended SVK, I’ve seen so many positive transitions occur! Her relationship with her peers has grown tremendously, her ability to communicate, and her curiosity about life around her has grown. I attribute this largely to the autonomy that SVK encourages and leave each morning knowing that my little girl is better for having spent her day with this amazing group of caring, encouraging, and compassionate people!”

-Rebecca F.

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